Task 5.1 Website and external communicatio

 Leader: James Orr

Task 5.1 Website and external communicatio

 Leader: James Orr

Task 5.1 Website and external communication


Starting date : T0 duration : 48 months

Main contributors : J. Orr, E. Alekseenko


  • The purpose of this task is to set-up the internal and external communication tools for the project and to ensure that relevant material is always available through these tools over the course of the project.
  • We will set up a state-of-the-art information system for the project. This will in particular comprise a project web site for both internal exchanges of scientific and technical material and external communication. We will extensively use a version control system for sharing numerical codes (svn). An automated monitoring of model simulations will also be available to the project team. All the members of the project team will therefore always have access to up-to-date information about ongoing activities. In addition, we will prepare a series of animations with model data band synthetic BIO-ARGO floats, for outreach and communication purposes.
  • The expected outcome is (i) to ensure a high level of interactions among consortium institutions and (ii) to attract good postdoc candidates for the science studies.

Task 5.2 Dissemination to OMIP and CMIP communities


 Starting date : T0 + 12 duration : 36 months

Main contributors : L. Bopp, XX, J. Orr


  • The purpose of this task is to ensure that the relevant outcome and results of the project are seamlessly transferred to OMIP groups and CMIP6 community
  • As mentioned above the baseline configuration obtained in WP2.2 will be used for participating in OMIP inter-comparison experiments. In addition, we intend to investigate the response of Southern Ocean biogeochemistry in IPSL-CM and CNRM-CERFACS-CM CMIP6 simulations in light of the results of our project. This activity will be carried out in collaboration with H2020-Crescendo project. Furthermore, we propose to organize a workshop on « eddying biogeochemical components in CMIP6 » at T0+36.
  • The expected outcome is an optimal dissemination of the project results and a first analysis of Southern Ocean trends in NEMO based CMIP6 simulations. This will be presented in a dedicated science paper.

Task 5.3 Analysis of the implications for observational network


Starting date : T0 + 36 duration : 12 months

Main contributors : M. Gehlen , P. Brasseur, J.B. Sallée, C. LoMonaco


  • The purpose of this task is to understand how the presence of eddy-driven low frequency variability can affect our future observation strategies.
  • We will focus on the question of whether the Southern Ocean observing system is well-adapted to detecting trends due to climate stressors. To this purpose, we will map the structure and amplitude of the intrinsic variability (primary production, pCO2,…) as seen by the observing systems (inc. Bio-Argo and ocean color). A dedicated workshop will be organized at T0+48 in year 4.
  • The expected outcome is the dissemination of our results to observing teams. A dedicated science paper will also be prepared.