Leader: Olivier Aumont

 Leader: Olivier Aumont

Task 1.1 Observation database and model-data inter-comparison metrics


Starting date : T0 duration : 18 months

Main contributors : R. Person, C. Perruche, C. Lo Monaco


  • The purpose of this task is (i) to identify and gather key observation databases for the project and (ii) to gather model-data inter-comparison tools available within the consortium.
  • The tools and database will be made available to the project team through the project information system at LGGE. The database will in particular (but not only) include: ARGO profiles, elephant seals data, GLODAP, SOCAT and satelllite ocean color data. The tools will in particular include DRAKKAR monitoring procedure and the tools developed during ANR CONVERGENCE. The tools will be coherently assembled in a hierarchical model assessment procedure.
  • The expected outcome is the preparation of an integrated evaluation procedure to be used throughout the project.


Task 1.2 Revisit of Iron sources in PISCES model


Starting date : T0 duration : 4 months

Main contributors : R. Person, O. Aumont, L. Bopp, I. Merino


  • The purpose of this task is to revisit the formulation and the parameters of Iron sources in PISCES biogeochemical model.
  • The work will be carried out with eORCA1 model configuration and then ported to eORCA025. The first step will include gathering existing information on iron distribution (with in particular GEOTRACES IDP2014 and KEOPS2 profiles) and sources (including sea ice and glacial/iceberg melt). The work will mostly consist in a series of sensitivity experiment carefully compared with observations with the tools from WP1.1.
  • The expected outcome is an improved primary production distribution and seasonality in the Southern Ocean in PISCES simulations.

Task 1.3 Calibration of eORCA1-PISCES model configuration


Starting date : T0 + 4 duration : 8 month

Main contributors : R. Person, O. Aumont, C. Ethé, M. Vancoppenolle


  • The purpose of this task is to adapt the parameters of PISCES biogeochemical model to Southern Ocean condition in the revisited model configuration eORCA1 (extended grid and new iron sources).
  • The work will consist in a series of model experiments with eORCA1 model configuration with the new iron sources. The model validation will mostly focus on the representation of the carbon cycle and in reducing the adjustment trends due to the adequation between initial conditions and model parameters. Possible adjustments of the model vertical physics are also planned.
  • The expected outcome is a improved model representation of Southern Ocean biogeochemical cycles in PISCES. This will be presented in paper to be prepared for Geophysical Model Development.